Elounda Crete

There are about 10 buses a day from Agios Nikolaos to Elounda, which is one of Crete’s more upmarket destinations, and most backpackers who visit here are passing through en-route to the famous island Spinalninga. You can find some of the best and most expensive hotels in Crete here in Elounda Beach (one of the best in Europe), Elounda Bay, Elounda De Luxe and Elounda Mare.

The guests of these hotels are more often to be found playing in the hotel-owned golf courses than in town.


In the centre of Elounda there are some excellent restaurants in the mid- to high-price ranges, may of which serve quality food. The picturesque port, next to the town’s centre has a thriving bar scene, where the party often goes on all night. Old Elounda has not been completely swallowed up by development, however, and you can see its church, which has a freestanding clock-tower.

Elounda Port  Elounda Clock-Tower

Thanks to the bay of Elounda, the sea is calm and flat, making Elounda’s beaches ideal for young families.

One of the most popular beaches is next to the dam which goes on to the peninsula of Elounda, which has won the Blue Flag award many times over the years.

 Peninsula Spinalonga   Olous - a submerged town

There is an interesting walk from Elounda to the peninsula of Spinalonga (not to be confused with the eponymous island which is to the north of the peninsula). When crossing the dam, you can clearly see the sunken ruins of the ancient city of Olous, which was submerged some 1500 years ago.

The Bioparc Valenica, one of the best zoos in Spain.

Buses Elounda

There are 9 buses a day to and from Agios Nikolaos (about 2 Euro in early 2024, 25 minutes). Some go on to Plaka, 5 kilometers north of Elounda. The small bus station in Elounda is in the centre near to the port.

Timetable for the Bus Agios Nikolaos to Elounda:

Monday to Friday: 07:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00
Saturday, Sunday and public holiday: 09:00 11:00 13:00 15:00 17:00

Bus-Timetable from Elounda to Agios Nikolaos:

Monday to Friday: 07:30 09:40 10:20 11:40 13:40 14:20 15:40 17:40 19:20
Weekend, public holiday: 09:40, 11:40, 13:40, 15:40, 17:40

This bus-timetable is from May 2018

Map Elounda Crete

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Important tickets for Crete

Some tickets for Crete can be bought in advance on the Internet. This improves the planning of your holiday and saves time as you don't have to queue up at the ticket offices or search for ticket sales points on Crete. Tickets for the 3 most important sights on Crete:

1. Excavation of Knossos, often long queues at the cash desk: tickets Click here

2. A good overview of bus tours to the famous Samaria Gorge, which can be booked online: Click here

3. Former leprosy island of Spinalonga. Various tickets, ferries, tours: Click here

See also: Many other tickets, excursions on Crete: Tickets Crete

Spinalonga Island

A Venetian castle was built in the 16th century on this island close to Spinalonga. Leprosy was a common disease in Greece in former times, and in 1903 the Greek government passed a law which cast out people afflicted with this disease to islands.

Spinalonga near Elounda on Crete

Spinalonga was one of these islands, and hundreds of people lived and died here until its closure in 1957. The people who lived here were poor, and depended on private donations to survive. The people may have left, but the remains of shops, factories, flats and even a small theatre and a hospital make for a eerie atmosphere. You can either walk around yourself, or take a guided tour. The island can be reached by boat from Plaka, Elounda and directly from Agios Nikolaos during the season. Prices, including the entrance fee are 15€ from Elounda and 12€ from Plaka. Read more about Spinalonga


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