Agia Galini Crete

Agia Galini (population 1200) is one of the bigger settlements on the south coast of Crete. It has a lovely small old town, perched on a steep hillside. The picturesque houses and vehicle-free streets retain their charm despite the mass tourism. The lower part of Agia Galini has the port and the main square, and its here that youíll find most of the restaurants, pensions, hotels and bars that constitute the nightlife of the town.

Agia Galini attracts a more solvent kind of tourist, evidenced by the amount of jewellers in town. Compared to many other destinations on Crete, Agia Galini has made more effort on its city planning to keep it attractive. In my opinion, the people here understand the challenges of modern tourism far better than any other town along the south coast.

Agia Galini Crete

Agia Galiniís beaches are nothing special. You can catch ferries to them from the new port in the town centre. The best of these daytrips is for sure a ferry going to the palm beach of Preveli.

If you take the morning boat to Preveli, you can spend the day under palm trees and take a follow-on boat to Plakias in the late afternoon or just return to Agia Galini..

Agia Galini Beach  Agia Galini

The above-average campsite is 2km out of Agia Galini, next to a good beach. It has the beautiful name "No Problem Camping". There are many rooms and hotels with average prices in Agia Galini. I recommend Candia Rooms which has basic room with economical prices.

Bus Agia Galini: In summer there are around five buses a day to both Iraklio and Rethymno. The Rethymno bus passes through the country town of Spili, the buses to Iraklio through Timbaki and Mires. You can also go by bus to Matala via the nice village Pitsidia, sometimes you have to change at the bus-station in Mires. Bus timetables change often in Greece and Crete. This information is from beginning 2019.

Map Agia Galini Crete

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Around Agia Galini

Spili: the mountain town of Spili has a big lion fountain in its centre, with water gushing out all nineteen carved lionís heads. The Green House is a good, cheap hotel here. A few kilometres after Spili (coming from Agia Galini) you can change buses to Plakias Ė make sure to ask the driver before.

Spili  Spili - The Famous Fountain

Timbaki: If you take a bus to Iraklio, youíll pass through Timbaki. Itís a big town for the south coast, and the weekly big Friday market is interesting.


Mires: Mires is similar to Timbaki, but bigger. If youíre travelling by bus, youíll likely end up here, since itís home to the regional bus stop, which has connections to Matala, Agia Galini, Lendas, Phaistos and so on. The weekly market (Saturday) is one of the best on Crete, and worth a look Ė you can buy almost anything, from cheap Asian cloth to donkeys.

Mires Market  Mires

Agios Pavlos: this tiny village with less than ten houses situated a few kilometres to the west of Agia Galini. Itís a nice place to go for a daytrip. There are daily ferries from Agia Galini in summer, and in 2008 there were a few ferries every week from Plakias. In Agios Pavlos itself, you can find a few rent rooms, a nice beach (with a few stones) and an excellent beachside taverna. It is the ideal holiday-place for people, who like it really quiet.

Agios Pavlos
Agios Pavlos


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