Aquaworld Hersonissos

The Aquaworld is a small, private aquarium in the middle of the famous tourist town of Hersonissos on the island of Crete in Greece. The great hobby of the owner John McLaren from Scotland has always been fish and aquariums. In 1991 he moved to Crete and gradually built his aquarium. In 1995 visitors came for the first time. At that time the entrance was still free, he only asked for a donation. Today the Aquaworld is known far beyond Hersonissos, in the summer often hundreds of visitors come daily.

Almost everyone is impressed by the small zoo. You can touch some animals. These include huge phython snakes from Asia, large iguanas and turtles. John is always in a good mood and very friendly. Almost every guest of the aquarium in Chersonissos is impressed and recommends the visit of the small zoo to other vacationers.

Entry fee Aquarium Chersonissos 2018

Aquaworld costs 8 Euro for adults and 4 Euro for children. Included is a nice chat with the aquarium owner John, who is always in a good mood. (Status at the beginning of 2018)

Approach Aquaworld

The small zoo in Hersonissos can be easily reached on foot. You walk along the main road from the centre of Chersonissos in the direction of Heraklion. Directly after the big supermarket on the left side you turn left. After less than 100 meters you are at John McLaren and his animals. You should find a parking place nearby without any problems.

The municipality of Chersonissos is about 35 kilometers east of the capital of Crete Iraklio. To the other gigantic resort Malia the distance is only about 10 kilometers. The city of Agios Nikolaos is about 45 kilometers away.t.

Adresse: Filikis Etairias 7, Limenas Hersonissou , KretaAddress: Filikis Etairias 7, Limenas Hersonissou , Crete

Telephone (landline): (0030) 2897029125

Öffnungszeiten Chersonissos Aquarium 2018

The opening hours of the Aquaworld-Aquarium on Crete are simple: daily from 10 to 18 o'clock. The zoo is closed in winter from 1 November to 31 March. Then John works on the extension of the zoo.

Description Aquaworld

Behind the entrance one goes through several rooms with large aquariums. Here you can see mainly fish and other sea animals from the sea around Crete. Thus, they are mainly saltwater aquariums. On the veranda at the back of the building there are the animals that can be seen from close up without a fence and that can partly be touched. The animals are fed every morning, mostly shortly after 10 o'clock. So it is worth coming to Aquaworld early.

Most animals on the veranda, which are fed daily, eat lettuce, cucumbers and the like. Especially the feeding of the large turtles and iguanas is an experience. John likes to tell stories about his animals. Most of the animals were left to him by private individuals from Crete for various reasons. Some people couldn't or didn't want to have the animals at home anymore. Others were ill and are now cared for by the animal friend John. The sea animals including fish come predominantly from fishermen from the region Hersonissos. It is also great that most of the signs in the aquarium are in many different languages, including English and German.

Animal species in the small zoo in Chersonissos

Green Iguana: This reptile is one of the main attractions in the no zoo on Crete. The body length is about 50 cm, in addition comes an at least so long tail. All iguanas of the world come from America, the green iguana originally lived in South America and Central America. In Florida, it was introduced and spreads strongly in some regions in the south of the USA.

Tiger python (Burmese python): These two heavy snakes, several meters long, can be picked up with the help of John, courageous zoo visitors even wrap the pythons around their bodies. A grandiose photo motif! One of the two tiger pythons is an albino and almost white!

Königsboa (Boa Constritor): Another very large snake from Brazil. Another snake species is the American Corn Snake.

Turtles: Several different species in different sizes. Especially popular are the large animals that roam freely around the zoo. But there are also some smaller turtles in a small pond in the outdoor area of Aquaworld.

The large spurred tortoises (African spurred tortoiseaus) from Africa can weigh over one hundredweight. In the private zoo in Hersonissos you can also observe Red-eared slider turtles. These animals living in the water originally come from the USA, but with the help of humans they were brought to Europe. In many regions in Europe the reptiles spread more and more. These include Crete, Germany and Austria

Large comb starfish or comb starfish (Red Comb Starfish): These creatures are the largest starfish of the Mediterranean Sea, some of them more than 50 cm in diameter.

Purple stars (Red Starfish), ice stars (Spiny Starfish), shamefaced crabs (Shamefaced crab) and sea snails (Sea lung) are also native to the sea around Crete and Aquaworld in Chersonissos.

The Black Sea-Urchin and Purpel-Spined Sea-Urchin sea urchins are eaten on Crete, we have seen them in several restaurants on the menu.

Typical food fish on Crete like the red seabream (Pandora) and the sea carp (Black Seebriam) also swim in the aquarium. The Starry weever is also a food fish from the Mediterranean. But it has a very poisonous sting, which has been the fate of many tourists on Crete. Further fish in the aquarium in the north of Crete are two species of dragonfish (Scorpionfish), skygucker (Atlantic startgazers), eel (eels) and pike (pikes). A fish of the seas around Greece with a very unusual shape is the flying cock (Flying gurnard).

There is also an octopus (octopus) in the small marine zoo at present. The feeding of the octopus in the morning is another attraction of the aquarium. However, John plans to release the octopus into the sea again in November (September 2016).

This is only an excerpt from the animal species in the small, private zoo on Crete. I liked the visit of the Aquarium Aquaworld very much. I also think John's commitment to animal welfare is great. Who wants can carry out gladly a donation, for example in form of a temporary animal sponsorship. There is more information in addition in the zoo.

There is also a large modern aquarium in Gournes in Crete, only 15 kilometres away in the village of Gouves. A small zoo is the Amazonas Park Crete near Neapoli. The Dinosauria Park Crete is an amusement park about dinosaurs. An amusement park about the labyrinth in Chersonissos in the Labyrinth Park Crete.








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