Spaghetti in Greece

Itís a rare restaurant on Crete that does not serve spaghetti. Most places will serve at least three different kinds of spaghetti dishes: Neapolitan, Bolognese and carbonara. Sometimes you will come across seafood spaghetti (also referred to as fishermanís spaghetti) which is great, but much more expensive.

Spaghetti Neapolitan is often the cheapest main course on the menu. It is spaghetti in homemade tomato sauce (similar to the Italian ragu).

Spaghetti Bolognese is no different to that found elsewhere in the world, with minced meat in a tomato sauce.

Spaghetti Carbonara come with a rich white sauce created from egg, cheese and ham. For many itís the tastiest but also the most unhealthy of the options.

Seafood Spaghetti comes with a variety of seafood: prawns, mussels, shrimps and other small shellfish. Quality varies from tavern to tavern and can be anything from a bad meal through to the greatest meal of your holiday. If you are in Plakias, try a fish taverna called Tasomanolis Ė they make the best fishermanís spaghetti that Iíve ever had in Crete.


Popular Food in Crete and Greece

Tzatziki Octopus
Magisritsa Saganaki
Spanokopita Koukouvagia
Psarosoupa Fasolada
Dolmades Taramosalata
Melizanosalata Choriatiki
Souvlaki Gyros
Briam Imam Baldi
Okra Papoutsakia
Xifias Souvlaki Spaghetti in Crete
Gemista Pastitio
Stifado Gigantes
Moussaka Giouvetsi
Kleftiko Yogurt with Honey


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